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Pinch of spice!
Salt & Pepper Grinders

Since the beginning of recorded time, people have always needed to crush and grind grains and parts of dried plants, and they have used stones and mortars for this work, which was often laborious.


Then Peugeot, a name most people associate with cars, but in fact the Peugeot family who in 1842, fifty years before their first automobile appeared, turned kitchen culture upside down with their invention of the pepper mill.  This was an ingenious innovation that has retained the same appearance and construction until today.


Later a similar salt mill was produced, but the steel grinder had to be replaced by a nylon or plastic one because salt oxidises steel, causing the steel to decompose and give off a disagreeable taste.  Peugeot’s brilliant invention has since been copied and imitated throughout the world in countless variations.


Almost every house in the civilised  world has a mill that doesn’t work properly. This lead to the development of the small, insignificant disposable grinder which we, here at eish! have used to deliver our superb selection of herbs, spices and dried vegetables.


A similar process - only the result requires much less effort!