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Eish! 									Earth sustainability home industry

A Uniquely South African word for a uniquely South African Business.


Aptly named in a country consisting of many ways to communicate. If your mother tongue is ‘funagalo’, Seswati, Zulu, Afrikaans or English, everyone can identify with eish!  
branch of Green Veranda dehydrates fresh herbs and vegetables. Once dried the produce is processed into Organic stocks and rubs. Preservative and colourant free.
Fresh produce is organically certified, non gm seeds are used and heirloom seeds are utilised when possible. Uncooked, unblanched herbs & vegetables are slowly air dried in a dehydrator until suitable for processing.  
All other spices & herbs, such as coriander seeds & Black pepper corns are obtained from organically certified sources.
No preservatives, colourants or additives are used.  Only Himalayan salt is used.
Glass is our preferred method of packaging due to the fact that it is recyclable, hygienic and re-usable.
The product is also available in food safe cellophane sachets for refill purposes.  
All paper used for labeling is obtained from re-used sources.
Staff involved on the project are locally sourced and trained & fair trade practices are utilized